YUI-Goodbye Days (Translate English)

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Singer : YUI

Judul : Goodbye Days


Single : Goodbye Days

Bahasa : English (translate)


So I’ll go to you now, I’ve made up my mind
I want to play you the song in my pocket

I quietly turned up the volume to make sure

Oh good-bye days
I feel like things are changing now
So long yesterday and before
I have a clumsy tenderness by my side
lalalalala With you

I pass you one earphone
And in that moment, it plays slowly

I am I loving you right? Sometimes I get confused

Oh good-bye days
Now what’s in my heart has begun to change, alright
I have a clumsy tenderness by my side
lalalalala With you

I don’t want to have sad thoughts if I can help it
But they’re bound to come, right?
When they do, I’ll smile and say
Yeah hello! I hope I can call you
My friend…

When we sing the same song
Be by my side, I wish
I’m glad I found that clumsy tenderness

lalalala Good-bye days


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