YUI-Am I Wrong? (Translate English)

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Singer : YUI

Judul : Am I Wrong?


Single : –

Bahasa : English (Translate)


You said nothing, and I knew right away
That it wasn’t a yes-no question

Probably start talking
When I look away, right?

I’m not afraid of anything
I’ve got nothing to lose

I wrote another song today
I sang it to say “Let’s forgive each other”, but…

When the phone rang, I hit “suspend” and that was all I needed
To see that we can do things like laughing well

Probably think I’m just
In a bad mood, right?

There’s only one thing I’m protecting
I can’t lie to my heart

I wrote another song today
I sang it to say “Let’s carry on”, but…

I don’t understand you…

I don’t want to bug you
But I can’t give in either

I’ll write another song tomorrow
I want to live with no lies, but…

That’s all, but, ah ah
Am I wrong?


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